The significant distinction between offering coupons and reducing the price in a product campaign on Tesquito is that businesses on Tesquito only sell if a certain number of purchases is reached. For example, if a business issues coupons, it might eat into profits. However, on Tesquito, a business can set a lower price, ensuring no profit loss, if a specific number of purchasers are reached. This guarantees that a certain number of people will buy without compromising profits.



After initially purchasing 10 T-shirts for $5 each, you decided to explore the possibility of buying 100 pieces. You reached out to the wholesale supplier, requesting a quote for the larger quantity. Upon receiving an attractive offer of less than $1 per shirt, you saw an opportunity to make a cost-effective bulk purchase. Before proceeding, you initiated a T-shirt campaign on, successfully gauging interest and ensuring a ready market for the increased inventory. Once the campaign hit its stride, you promptly provided the interested buyers with a purchase link or store address, culminating in a successful campaign and a well-timed wholesale order.



In a single campaign , you can sell as many products as you wish . Tesquito developed a unique system that benefits both the seller and the buyer. The seller makes more sales, and the consumer gets their product cheaper . Tesquito offers you a powerful marketing tool to help with your branding and visibility. Sell like a wholesaler and increase your sales. Every small business can increase its sales by 150% or more. Get a customer at once. Tesquito is committed to helping small businesses in the USA at no charge.


Contact your supplier to obtain a quote for their lowest price on a large quantity.As you secure more competitive quotes from your supplier, you can pass on the savings to your customers by offering more affordable prices.




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After completing the creation of your campaign, effortlessly share the campaign link with your network on social media.

Once your campaign is ready to shine, effortlessly spread the word by sharing the campaign link across your social media networks. Amplify your reach, engage your audience, and watch the support pour in. Taking your campaign to new heights has never been this easy—share the link and let your network be part of your success story!



After a successful conclusion of your campaign and achieving the desired interest level from potential customers, their contact information (email address) will become visible on the dashboard. Upon obtaining the email addresses of interested buyers, guide them through the purchase process by furnishing instructions and a purchase link. This link can lead them to your online store or provide your store's address for in-person transactions. Make the buying experience seamless and tailored to their preferences