"Collaborative purchasing is the foundation of our strength, bringing us together while supporting small businesses in the USA. Tesquito is the tool you need''

Tesquito products and services campaigns from American small businesses and distributors Tesquito created a special approach that benefits both buyers and small companies. Since small businesses in the United States are the foundation of our economy , Tesquito seeks to support them .


Buyers have the opportunity to enjoy significant savings, with potential discounts of up to 80% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Moreover, third-party campaigns, including those run by restaurant owners, retailers, grocery stores, mechanics, plumbers, electrical service providers, and many others, offer exceptional discounts of up to 50% or even more. These campaigns present their own products and services at a significantly reduced cost compared to their regular market prices


Get products and services 30%–70% cheaper on tesquito.com. In order to benefit from the campaign, it needs a certain number of people who join the same campaign; therefore, all tesquito campaigns have been set up to have a minimum number of interested people in each campaign, which is needed to make the sale official. In every campaign, there is an indicator that shows the campaign's progress: below 100%, the campaign's product or service is not available; above and beyond 100%, the campaign is successful, and it becomes available for purchase.

 In order to benefit from tesquito.com, users must create an account. Only  registered  users have access to the campaigns. 


If you're interested in a product or service campaign, simply click "Count me in"   and  enter the number of items you'd like to purchase if the campaign succeeds. 


   Every Campaign has an indicator , when a Campaign starts , the indicator shows 0%. .


The more people who join the same campaign, the faster the indicator rises. Users can monitor the campaign's progress on their dashboard.



Track your Campaign-Progress-Notification on your Dashboard.